The Tangent Tree podcast

I co-host a podcast with my former television colleague, long-time friend, and creative partner, Samantha Stephen.


The Tangent Tree is a discussion of all things film, but, as the name suggests, we go off on many tangents, not all of them film related. There have now been three series, with more planned.

From The Tangent Tree website, on Samantha’s profile:

“Simon and I have been talking like this for over 11 years now, since I was an assistant in his (television) scheduling department. Now as a producer I tend to pop in with work queries that devolve into countless tangents. At some point in the middle of one of these conversations a light bulb went off. We live in a world that allows us to connect and share ideas more easily than ever before. Why not share Simon?“

For more information about The Tangent Tree visit the website here. You can also listen on Spotify, iTunes, and Podcast Addict.