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Doctor Who: Brief thoughts on the first episode featuring Jodie Whitaker

In some quarters, the decision to make the latest incarnation of the Doctor female raised eyebrows (and I made my own plea for sane, objective evaluation here). For me, so far I think the gender switch works – at least, … Continue reading

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Star Trek – my ten favourite episodes

I am presently introducing my youngest son to Star Trek, beginning, obviously, with the original series. He loves it, and I am once again struck by the ground-breaking brilliance of some of those early episodes. Yes, today they look very … Continue reading

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Why I support the casting of Jodie Whitaker in Doctor Who, but wish some people would shut up about it…

As some of you will know, Doctor Who is my favourite television programme of all time, and has been since I was about eight years old. You can read why in my 50th Anniversary celebration from a few years ago, … Continue reading

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Doctor Who censored

An edit was made to yesterday’s Doctor Who episode to remove a beheading scene. The BBC said it made the change “in light of recent events” – presumably the beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff by Islamic terrorists, and … Continue reading

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Why Star Wars is not science fiction, and related matters…

“Science Fiction is something that could happen – but usually you wouldn’t want it to. Fantasy is something that couldn’t happen, though often you only wish that it could.” – Arthur C Clarke. Has anyone else noticed how easily people … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Doctor Who

This week the BBC have filled their schedules with Doctor Who related programming, including documentaries, repeats of classic stories, the wonderful love letter to it’s origins An Adventure in Space and Time, and most obviously the rather good 50th Anniversary … Continue reading

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TV Review – Broadchurch

Broadchurch, the eight part series recently seen on ITV in the UK, is an absolutely brilliant, brilliant television drama. If you haven’t seen it please stop reading now, as this article contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Instead, track the series down on … Continue reading

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