About Simon Dillon


I was born the year Steven Spielberg made moviegoers everywhere terrified of sharks, namely 1975. I lived the first twenty or so years of his life in Oxford, and am pleased to have spent so much time in the place where some of my favourite writers wrote their greatest works (including JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and Phillip Pullman). Things went gradually downhill from there as I attended University in Southampton and afterwards managed to muddle my way into television where I have worked ever since. I like to think I can write a diverting story, and as a result I have penned a few novels. I might be sadly deluded, but that’s for readers to decide. I currently live in Plymouth in the UK, and am married with two children. I am presently brainwashing them with the same books that I loved growing up.

To contact Simon Dillon, please email: uncleflynn@gmail.com


3 Responses to About Simon Dillon

  1. Nice “hearing” from you brother.
    You’re my default for balanced faith based point of view on films I am doubtful about. 😉

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