Vital Statistics: The Irresistible Summons

Continuing my “vital statistics” series on my each of my gothic mystery novels, this week can you resist The Irresistible Summons?

Title: The Irresistible Summons

Simon Dillon - Irresistible Summons full res

Plot: How far would you go to bring your loved one back from the dead?

Television producer Naomi Levinson makes documentaries debunking the supernatural.

When asked to film a promotional video for computer game company Persephone, she considers the task beneath her talents. But as production gets underway at the Persephone office block on London’s Canary Wharf, a mysterious disappearance, ghostly sightings, and lingering tragedy from Naomi’s past lead her to believe she might have stumbled into a genuine haunting.

As Naomi continues to investigate, past and present collide in a horrifying conspiracy. Cutting edge technology and ancient evil meet, leading to the discovery of a shocking and terrifying secret that could change the nature of life and death as we know it.

Expect: A ghostly and gripping gothic supernatural mystery, set in a modern office building rather an old creaky haunted house. Definitely one of my more disturbing novels.

Current Amazon reviews: 5 five star reviews, 1 four star review.

Current Goodreads reviews: 3 five star reviews.

Scariness rating: 10/10. For the most part this reads like a supernatural conspiracy thriller mystery at a solid 7/10 level of scariness, but the shocks of the final act push the rating up to 10/10 (check out the above reviews if you don’t believe me).

Read if you enjoyed: Coma (Robin Cook – and also Michael Crichton’s film adaptation), Pet Sematary (Stephen King), Fatherland (Robert Harris), or films such as Neil Marshall’s The Descent (the UK version with the uncensored ending) or Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom.

Pick up your copy of The Irresistible Summons here (in the UK) and here (in the US).

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