Vital Statistics: Spectre of Springwell Forest

Continuing my “vital statistics” series on my each of my gothic mystery novels, this week we get the lowdown on Spectre of Springwell Forest.

Title: Spectre of Springwell Forest

SSF cover

Plot: Lily Henderson has a horrifying secret buried far in her past. She hoped it would never be revealed. Now she has no choice.

To save her family, Lily must keep them from returning to the village of Springwell, where she lived with her first husband and young daughter decades previously.

In the past, after moving to Springwell, Lily encounters secretive locals, government scientists, and rumours of a ghost haunting the forest.

Are they linked to the mysterious deaths of local children? Do paintings by a local artist predict when tragic events are getting closer? Will Lily’s daughter be next?

“Two were taken. More will follow.”

Expect: To be lulled into a false sense of security, until you can’t stop reading, and by then it’s too late. Also, beware the sting in the tail.

Current Amazon reviews: 6 five star reviews, 1 four star review.

Current Goodreads reviews: 10 five star reviews, 3 four star reviews, 1 three star review.

Scariness rating: 9/10. A full-blow ghostly gothic horror mystery. It may be a slow-burn, but it builds to a properly spine-chilling finale that will definitely test the nerves.

Read if you enjoyed: The Woman in Black (Susan Hill), Don’t Look Now (Daphne Du Maurier), The Turn of the Screw (Henry James), Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad (MR James).

To pick up a copy click here (for the UK) and here (for the US).

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