Vital Statistics: The Thistlewood Curse

Continuing my series on the “vital statistics” series of my each of my gothic mystery novels, this week, I’m delving into The Thistlewood Curse.

Title: The Thistlewood Curse


Plot: Can a ghost murder the living?

Lawrence Crane’s powers of astral projection are put to the ultimate test when he and his lifelong friend Detective Laura Buchan investigate a mysterious death on Lundy Island.

Sensing a dark power at work, they attempt to identify a human assassin under the control of supernatural evil.

But can they escape a terrifying, centuries-old curse?

Expect: A denouement that really ought to be obvious, yet somehow you fail to spot it (I’ve yet to come across anyone who predicts the ending).

Wordcount: 99,000.

Current Amazon reviews: 5 five-star reviews, 2 four-star reviews.

Current Goodreads reviews: 3 five-star reviews, 3 four-star reviews, 1 three-star review.

Scariness rating: 6/10. A halfway house between thriller and horror. It begins as a supernaturally tinged murder mystery (if indeed it is murder), develops into a ghost story, and gradually escalates from there.

Read if you enjoyed: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie), The Speckled Band (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), or if you enjoyed films such as Angel Heart or The Exorcist (or the books they are based on for that matter).

To pick up a copy click here (for the UK) and here (for the US).

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