Film Review – Parasite


The best advice I can give anyone seeing Parasite is to urge that you know nothing going in beforehand. This is a film best experienced with no foreknowledge or expectations. And boy, is it a superb film; a Best Picture Oscar winner that for once deserves the accolade. Parasite is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The fact that it is the first non-English language Best Picture winner is certainly significant too, but this is such a damn good story, it will appeal to even the most subtitle-phobic of viewers.

I don’t really want to discuss the plot at all, suffice to say it explores themes of the rich/poor divide present in some of director Bong Joon-Ho’s other films (Snowpiercer for instance), but with much more potent effect. Parasite is part social satire, part dark comedy, part Hitchcockian thriller (there’s some tremendous, nerve-shredding suspense), and even puts a toe in horror territory. But it is so much more than all of those things, and there really is nothing else quite like it. Many other films look bland, predictable, and insubstantial by comparison.

Featuring sublime performances, superb direction, and a slow-burn narrative that tightens a vicelike grip over the viewer, I really cannot recommend Parasite enough. Do go and see it. It will rattle around in your subconscious, and you’ll want to see it again.

UK Certificate: 15

US Certificate: R

Content Warnings: swearing, sex, strong bloody violence.

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