Uncle Flynn Revisited – An Introduction

Uncle Flynn_CoverI’ve decided to revisit some of my earlier novels in a series of articles this year, with a monthly spotlight on some of these works. To begin with, for the month of February, I’m putting the spotlight on Uncle Flynn.

Uncle Flynn was in fact the eighth novel I wrote, but was the first I decided to self-publish. Having been turned down by agents and publishers, my brother-in-law suggested this thing called Kindle on Amazon, and I decided to give it a go. The book was a modest success, and received some very good reviews – although I’m sure the fact that it was free at that time helped.

A treasure hunt adventure story for children, the novel is, like all my children’s books, also aimed at adult readers. The story concerns eleven-year old Max, a boy who suffers from crippling phobias and anxiety. Estranged from his workaholic father, Max’s life gets interesting one day when his mysterious uncle Flynn – an archaeologist normally working in South America – comes to visit.

During his stay, Max and Flynn discover clues pertaining to a local legend – a treasure buried on Dartmoor by monks, during the sacking of Buckfast Abbey at the time of Henry VIII. Following these clues lead to the discovery of a map. Max begins to put aside his many fears and hang-ups due to his obsession with finding the treasure. Flynn is equally obsessed, despite the dangerous presence of rival treasure hunters.

Complicating matters even further, once they set off across Dartmoor, Max discovers the police are on their trail. What has his uncle done to put himself at odds with the law? Flynn urges Max to help him evade his pursuers. Because he is so desperate to beat their rivals to the treasure, Max agrees, despite his uncle’s refusal to tell him why he is on the run.

I hope that has whetted your appetite.

Uncle Flynn is available on Kindle and in paperback here. There will be more articles about this novel throughout the month.

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