Seven Posts, Seven Years of Simon Dillon Books

Uncle Flynn_Cover_600pxThis month I celebrate seven years of writing on this blog. Actually my first post was technically on the 30th of December 2012, but that was just a piddling little thing announcing I would be on this blog from now on, instead of the previous one.

My first real post of substance, on the 3rd January 2013, dealt with (positive) reader reactions to my first self-published novel, Uncle Flynn. Click here if you’d like to read it.

Since that time, I’ve kept you up to date with my writing, book releases, film reviews, and podcasts. Outside of that, I’ve written various (mostly) writing related posts, one or two of which went “viral” for whatever inexplicable algorithm related reason.

Here then are a handful of my favourite articles, a kind of “Now that’s what I call Simon Dillon Books” blog post greatest hits, if you will. I’ve picked seven – one from each year this blog has existed.

2013 – What’s so bad about a formulaic story?

2014 – Why Star Wars is not science fiction, and related matters

2015 – My ten favourite openings to a novel

2016 – What makes a great treasure hunt story?

2017 – Horror and Christianity: Incompatible?

2018 – The Power of Resurrection Narratives

2019 – Never Surrender to the Professionally Offended: A Rallying Cry for Authors

And there you have it. Seven articles, one of which (the Star Wars one) has proved to be, by some distance, my most popular post. It gets around a hundred visits per week. I wish people would visit posts about my novels every week at that rate (and more importantly, buy them at that rate), but who knows? Perhaps that will come in the next seven years.

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