Phantom Audition: Summary of Articles

PHANTOM AUDITIONHere’s a one-stop-shop with links to all you need to know about my latest gothic mystery thriller, Phantom Audition.

Here’s the blurb from the back of the book:

He buried himself in a part, but never returned. Now she wants to know why.

Small-time actress Mia Yardley, recently widowed wife of renowned actor Steven Yardley, discovers her late husband’s secret acting diary.

The diary details appointments made with a psychic medium, who advised Steven on which roles to take. It also raises questions about his mysterious and inexplicable suicide.

Seeking answers, Mia speaks to the medium, but in doing so is drawn into an ever- deepening mystery about what happened to her husband during the final days of his life. Eventually, she is forced to ask the terrible question: was Steven Yardley murdered by a vengeful evil from beyond the grave?

Want to know more? Here are some blog articles that may be of interest:

The CoverI love the cover for Phantom Audition. Here’s a nice high-res version.

Seven Cryptic Images Images and clues to tease the plot. No spoilers.

Inspirations and InfluencesWhat books, films, and plays informed Phantom Audition?

Settings, Research, and Revisions – Jacobean mansions, priest holes, the film industry, critical rewrites, and more…

Initial Reviews – Highlights from the very positive feedback received so far for Phantom Audition.

The Tangent Tree Interview – I talked about the novel with Samantha Stephen from The Tangent Tree podcast.

Phantom Audition is published by Dragon Soul Press, and is out now. Paperbacks or Kindle downloads can be ordered here.

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