Phantom Audition – Initial Reviews

PHANTOM AUDITIONMy new novel Phantom Audition is a nail-biting gothic mystery. It encompasses a wide variety of themes, including being in love with something that doesn’t exist, abuse of power, how artists can become narcissists who think that moral codes do not apply to them, the dangers of tampering in the occult, obsession, madness and much more.

Here are a few snippets from initial reviews on Amazon and Goodreads:

Phantom Audition is one of the absolute best books I have recently read… A brilliant mystery… with plenty of suspicious characters, you will be enticed to turn each page as you travel through this mystery to its surprising conclusion.” – Sue Marie.

“Stole my sleep for two nights… I know I’ll be thinking about so many of the characters, twists and turns, and emotions I came across on this reading adventure… I can’t say that I’ve ever read anything remotely similar to this plot.” – Kelli Pizarro.

“I love this story with all of its puzzles and strong emotion. Mia is a complex main character who is lost in grief after her husband’s death. She is searching not only for answers, but also to be able to own her own skin again. She feels lost in her husband’s shadow and is determined to come into her own. The way Simon weaves the side characters into the plot, revealing more and more secrets to the puzzle is genius. The setting also felt like an additional character, which I loved so much. I will be rereading this book many times, as I do only a few books that I also love.” – Rowan Thalia.

“Left me wanting to re-read it right away — like the feeling you get after watching an M Night Shyamalan film — where you suddenly realise maybe you were asking the wrong questions all along! A thoroughly enjoyable, page-turner read.” – Sara Meg Seese.

“PAGE-TURNER! I thoroughly enjoyed Phantom Audition… Dillon is a skilled storyteller; his characters all convey their backstories and humanity through their natural/believable dialogue and actions, that their motives are always clear. Every single piece fits into the puzzle perfectly.” – Ximena Escobar.

“A fantastic, page-turning, supernatural mystery! Thrilling from start to finish, with plenty of intrigue, Phantom Audition will have you on the edge of your seat… Had me guessing again and again how it was going to end, all the way until it actually ended… Reminded me of how much I love the mystery genre and how badly I need to read more like this.” – Antonio Gonzales-Rodriguez.

Phantom Audition is published by Dragon Soul Press. Click here to get it on Kindle or in paperback.

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