Recent Reviews: First Love and Spectre of Springwell Forest

I’ve had one or two very encouraging reviews on Amazon for my recent work. Firstly, there was this review for Papercut, my short story included in Dragon Soul Press’s romantic fantasy anthology First Love.

First-Love-Kindle“I had a fantastic time reading the anthology. My absolute favourite stories were A Season’s Time, Papercut, and The Rusalka of the Murashka. Mayhap I’m biased because I like stories with a folk and fairy tale twist, or it maybe that I love stories set in nature, or perhaps I simply loved the strong and surprisingly well fleshed out female characters in each story, and wanted them to get everything they wanted. But either way, my reading time was well spent with Shargorod’s little river, Chimney’s dreamscape and a nyad’s forest.”

Secondly, this lengthy rave review of Spectre of Springwell Forest proved particularly satisfying. It essentially told me I achieved everything I set out to achieve with this novel. Here is a slightly edited version:

SSF cover“A darkly intense and intriguing horror story full of mystery, Spectre of Springwell Forest… will have you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. You won’t dare want to put this book down, as it will haunt you with the darkness that threatens a family, and that threatens to tear them apart in every way… Dark, intense, engaging, and truly gripping from beginning to end…

If you are a lover of horror novels, the supernatural, and don’t mind twisted endings then I think that this book will be a good fit for you. The damage that the family in this story suffers is truly believable. You would honestly think that this story could have happened to someone from the way that it is written so true to life. There are moments of where I normally would have been angry at characters for what they did, but this story felt so real and I loved it!

I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars. There is nothing that I didn’t like about this story. It is twisted, creepy, dark, and mysterious and kept me engaged. The more I read the deeper I was pulled into the story. I loved the moments of where my jaw literally dropped in shock. I have to admit that I am one who enjoys books from time to time that gives you that less than happy ending, and this book does exactly that. A curse has been laid… and nothing will stop it. Enter Springwell Forest if you dare, but be prepared for the consequences.”

If you read and enjoy any of my stories, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads (or ideally both). Reviews on Amazon in particular really help. This isn’t because I require constant affirmation, but because reviews mean their algorithms show my work to more readers. As such, reviews are essential to the livelihood of small time or independent authors like yours truly. They don’t need to be essays. A simple “I liked it” is fine.

Thank you.

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