Spectre of Springwell Forest: Summary of Recent Articles

SSF coverIf you haven’t yet picked up a copy of my ghost story mystery novel Spectre of Springwell Forest, why not give it a go? Here’s a one-stop shop with links to all the articles pertaining to this page-turning, spooky nail-biter.

Introduction to the novel

“Lily starts to make out a mysterious figure in the painting of the railway tunnel. As time passes, the eerie figure becomes more and more clearly defined, but Lily is disturbed to discover no-one can see it but her…”

Influences and Inspiration

“Two undoubted influences on the story are Susan Hill’s seminal The Woman in Black, and the shorts of ghost story par excellence author MR James…”

Trees, Tunnels and Toadstools

“I undertook research into hallucinogenic fungi for the novel (no, not that kind of “research”).”

Simple, Relatable Fears

“All great horror stories have, at their core, a simple and relatable fear which is then explored, exploited and exaggerated.”

Early reviews

A smattering of early review comments, including this one: “Spine-chilling, terrifying, absolutely gripping… a fantastic read, very well written.”

The Tangent Tree podcast interview

Samantha Stephen interviews me about Spectre of Springwell Forest and my writing in general. Listen on Spotify, iTunes, Podcast Addict or on the Tangent Tree website.

To order a paperback or e-book of Spectre of Springwell Forest click here (for the UK) and here (in the US).

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