First Love Author Interviews: AR Johnston

First-Love-KindleIn this, my final interview with my fellow First Love authors, AR Johnston talks young love, curses, dragons, writer’s block and more…

What drew you to the First Love anthology?

In all honesty it was a fluke, I came across the submission ad mid-December and thought, why not? What do I have to lose since I had writer’s block on another story.

Give us a little tease for your short story for First Love.

Dragons, young love, and curses that need to be broken. Will fate tear them apart or will love be enough to keep them together?

Do you prefer your romantic fiction to end happily-ever-after, happy-for-now, tragically, or does it depend on the story?

AR JohnstonIt all depends on the story and where the muses take me.

What fantasy elements (if any) do you use in your First Love story?

Definitely fantasy elements in this story.

What major theme(s) are you exploring in this story?

Can young love survive something that seems rather devastating? Honesty, hope.

What inspired your story?

Not really sure honestly, lol it just seemed to come to me.

To what extent are your characters based on you or people you know?

Traits maybe but not usually anyone in particular and in this story, no one.

Do you know your ending when you write, or do you start and see where the story or characters take you?

Sometimes I know the outcome I want to head to. If I end up there is a completely different story.

What is the best thing about being a writer?

Seeing my imagination come to a realisation in front of me. That the words flow and weave a fantastic web of a story. That others enjoy it and tell me to keep going is such an amazing feeling.

What is the worst thing about being a writer?

Writer’s block when the muses don’t want to talk and you get stuck mid story, not knowing where to take things.

To what extent (if at all) do you agree with the statement “write what you know”?

There will always be some elements of that. I’ve often been told that people see bits of my personality in some of my characters and that they love it. Even when I step into a genre that I’ve never done I try to lend a bit of something that I know to it.

Are you promiscuous or monogamous with your genre of choice?

I often stick to one type of genre, urban fantasy mostly but, there will always be elements of paranormal, supernatural, romance. I have stepped out from these before too and even submitted dystopian and horror stories before.

Which writers inspire you?

There are so many!! Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Laurell K Hamilton, Tanya Huff, Anne McCaffrey, smaller time names but no less absolutely amazingly epic, JJ King, Candace Osmond, SL Perrine, Kindra Sowder, Shawna Romkey, Cora Kenborn, KL Ware, Alison Mello, Mickey Miller, Derek Adams, Christopher Harlan, Amy Cecil, P Mattern, ….I could keep going because there are so many fantastic writers that I am lucky enough to know.

What other books or short stories have you written?

So many but not published….yet.

What is your current work-in-progress?

Main piece is a series one, urban fantasy, different timelines, magic, mayhem, mystery….

What advice would you give someone who tells you they want to be a writer?

Do it! Just start writing and don’t stop.

To pick up a copy of First Love either in paperback or on Kindle, click here (in the UK) and here (in the US).

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