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Horror and Weepies: Two sides of the same coin?

Anyone who has a passion for the horror genre invariably faces questions from those who can’t understand why anyone would enjoy being scared, disturbed, grossed-out or horrified. Conversely, those who are partial to romantic tragedies, weepies or dramas containing significant … Continue reading

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What do I find scary?

As someone who writes horror stories, I often ask the question, what do people find scary? Of course, scariness is very much in the eye of the beholder. For some, the prospect of being stalked by a serial killer is … Continue reading

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Film Review – Hereditary

Is Hereditary as terrifying as reviews are making it out to be? No. Quite honestly I can’t see what those lily-livered critics are blithering on about. I mean, yes if you’re unused to the horror genre, then you might find … Continue reading

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In the shadow of Nineteen Eighty-Four: Writing my current novel

I have recently re-read George Orwell’s dystopian milestone, Nineteen Eighty-Four. As ever, I came away from it stunned by the satirical and chilling narrative, and deeply alarmed at its prophetic insights. However, I also experienced something I hadn’t expected: intimidation. … Continue reading

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Film Review – Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

None of the Jurassic Park sequels have ever matched the singular power and thrills of the ground-breaking, lightning-in-a-bottle original. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, the latest in the franchise, is a curious beast. With JA Bayona at the helm, the director … Continue reading

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Love vs Honour – Did I fail?

In 2006, I wrote Love vs Honour, which I then self-published nearly ten years later, in 2015. The novel is a sideways step outside of my usual world of thrillers, horror, science fiction, fantasy and children’s adventures. Teenage romance isn’t … Continue reading

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My Five Favourite Gothic Mysteries

As regular readers of this blog (and indeed my novels) will know, I absolutely love a good gothic brew of mystery, melodrama, thrills and horror. To date I have written five novels of this kind, including The Birds Began to … Continue reading

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