Download The Birds Began to Sing FREE – for five days only!

I love a good, satisfying, emotionally resonant twist ending in a thriller, especially one that you immediately realise ought to have been obvious all along, yet somehow you didn’t see it coming.

The Birds Began to Sing_1600x2400_Front Cover

My mystery thriller The Birds Began to Sing has such an ending (don’t just take my word for it, check out the five star reviews here). It’s the story of Alice Darnell, an aspiring novelist who enters a mysterious writing competition at a remote mansion. She and other writers pen their own endings for an incomplete, unpublished manuscript written by a very famous deceased author. The winner of the competition will have their ending published, along with their own novel.

However, once Alice arrives at the mansion, weird stuff starts to happen…

Download your copy of The Birds Began to Sing FREE from Amazon Kindle here, for the next five days only.

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