Coming soon, later and perhaps never…

Here’s an update on all the unpublished novels I have written, and when you can expect to read them.


The Spectre of Springwell Forest – This 1970s set ghostly and gothic nail-biter for grown-ups will be my next release, one way (mainstream publication) or the other (self-publishing). All I will say at this point is that it involves a sinister painting and an equally sinister abandoned railway tunnel. Expect an announcement soon.

The Faerie Gate – A long delayed “horror story for children”  that will hopefully appear at the back end of this year. It’s the scariest novel I’ve written that is primarily aimed at children, and I really push the envelope in that respect. But this dark fairy tale is also a very compassionate story, about a young adolescent coming to terms with the separation of her parents.

The Deviant Prophet – Another dark fairy tale, but this time for adults. Fantasy and reality clash in a disturbing tale of religious oppression amid a vivid and surreal world parallel to our own. Incidentally, the initial inspiration for this came from a close friend’s extraordinary dreams. My projected release for this is early 2019.

Ravenseed – And the title is out of the bag… Yes, this is the Dark Ages set fantasy novel I have just finished (the first draft, at any rate). It’s a brooding, melancholy tale of knights, sorcerers and enchantment, simmering with love, lust, betrayal and revenge. Alongside the Dark Ages story is a parallel framing story set in the present. I think it’s rather good, and I hope to have it under your noses sometime in 2019.

The Irresistible Summons – Another spooky novel for grown-ups, this one set mostly in a haunted office building in London. Ghostly mystery meets digital horror as a shocking secret is uncovered by a television producer commissioned to make a corporate video for a software company. Projected release date? Late 2019 at the earliest.

The Wormcutter – I wrote this detective thriller/horror hybrid in 2007 (based on an idea I had researched and prepared on and off since 1996). What begins as an apparently open and shut murder investigation escalates into a humdinger of a conspiracy involving the Freemasons and much more… until it ends up in the most disturbing territory I have ever explored in a novel. Definitely 18 certificate stuff, if it ever gets made into a film. Projected release date? Possibly 2020, if not sooner.

The Balliol Conspiracy – This old fashioned, Hitchcockian romantic thriller is a conspiracy story of a different kind (much more PG territory, unlike The Wormcutter), and something of a change of pace for me when I wrote it. A strong, suspenseful central mystery results in an historic fact based treasure hunt, leading to a new lease of life for the bereaved protagonist. Projected release date? Depends if I think it’s any good when I re-read it, but possibly 2020.

Goldeweed – This is an epic, three volume fantasy saga I have been shaping on and off for almost eighteen years. Set in a vast imagined realm on many different planes of reality, it details three love stories that play out against an apocalyptic backdrop at the end of an era. Currently longer than War and Peace, it’s a tale I have rewritten and tinkered with for some time, and I’m still not entirely happy with. Projected release date? When I honestly think it can stand alongside The Lord of the Rings (so possibly never).

A Statement of Disbelief – A satirical novel set in the dubious world of Christian television fundraising. Projected release date? Probably never, but it was very fun and cathartic to write.

I’m presently working on my next novel, a dystopian tale set slightly in the future entitled… No, I’m hanging onto that title for now. Watch this space.

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