Download The Thistlewood Curse FREE – for one day only!

Today only! Download The Thistlewood Curse absolutely FREE from Amazon Kindle.


The Thistlewood Curse is a riveting supernatural thriller featuring a young detective and her lifelong friend, a paranormal investigator who specialises in astral projection. With a page-turning central mystery guaranteed to keep you guessing until the terrifying finale, don’t miss your chance to check it out absolutely FREE.

Here is the blurb from the back of the novel:

Can a ghost murder the living?

Lawrence Crane’s powers of astral projection are put to the ultimate test when he and his lifelong friend Detective Laura Buchan investigate a mysterious death on Lundy Island.

Sensing a dark power at work, they attempt to identify a human assassin under the control of supernatural evil.

But can they escape a terrifying, centuries-old curse?

Here’s a sample of the five-star reviews from Amazon readers:

“Everyone is a suspect… I usually can figure it out, but this was complex and kept me guessing… intensifying the scary aspects of the story because the murderer is so close and can strike anyone at any time.” – A Critical Reader

“Simon Dillon’s streak continues with another cracking book! The authors storytelling is top notch with the twists, turns and suspense covering the book with glue, that is to say, you can’t put it down.” – CaptainMJL

“This one will certainly leave you with “novel hangover,” still reeling from the emotional storm that just picked you up and spit you out. It was engaging, captivating, and immersive from the very beginning, and the plot twists were a pleasant surprise.” – Amazon Customer

“This wonderful thrilling novel is full of unexpected turns and reveals such a vast world of the spiritual realm. Surprisingly refreshing to read a detective mystery from a different aspect not only in the physical being.” – Liran

Download your FREE copy of The Thistlewood Curse here.

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