Echo and the White Howl – Overview

Over the past several weeks, I have been promoting my latest novel, Echo and the White Howl. An animal fiction story set amongst a wolf pack in Alaska, this book is a gripping and thrilling adventure for all ages.

Echo and the White Howl Cover 10 (FINAL)

Here is a summary of essential information about the novel, as well as links to articles exploring its different aspects:

Blurb from the back of the book:

When a wolf pack discovers humans lurking near their territory, Echo senses dark times ahead.

Despite the warnings and omens, Aatag, the pack Alpha, refuses to flee… leading to a cruel turn of events that forces Echo into exile, and a quest for revenge that will change the pack forever.

Character introductions

Click here for introductions to some of the main characters.


Tasters of the novel can be read here and here.


More about the cover design here.

The Writing Process

Click here to read about my experience writing animal fiction.


Which key texts informed and inspired Echo and the White Howl? Click here for more.


Click here to find out what most fascinated me as I researched wolves, Alaska and so forth.


What is Echo and the White Howl really about? Click here for more.

Echo and the White Howl is out now. Click here for your Kindle download or paperback copy.

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