Echo and the White Howl – the cover

Here’s the cover for my new novel, Echo and the White Howl.

Echo and the White Howl Cover 10 (FINAL)

I greatly dislike the word “team”. It is the word my children dread to hear at school (“team project”) because it often means they will end up doing all the work whilst others sit and twiddle their thumbs. It is also hurled around endless miserable corporate settings, often as a stick to bash over the heads of employees, implying responsibility beyond what they are paid for (“You’re letting the team down”). Generally I only use the word in a sport related context, and prefer to use other terms elsewhere (“group”, “department”, “squadron” – anything but “team”).

However, I cannot deny that the Echo and the White Howl cover was the product of excellent “teamwork”. My wife Zara and my good friend Yasmine Nuoraho both had a hand in the design, as did I. There were a number of variations (including one with an orange sunset background) but in the end I opted for the colder, blue-grey version which tonally suits the mostly wintery setting.

Set amongst a wolf pack in the vast Alaskan wilderness, Echo and the White Howl is a thrilling animal fiction adventure for all ages.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

When a wolf pack discovers humans lurking near their territory, Echo senses dark times ahead.

Despite the warnings and omens, Aatag, the pack Alpha, refuses to flee… leading to a cruel turn of events that forces Echo into exile, and a quest for revenge that will change the pack forever.

Echo and the White Howl is out now, as a download or paperback from Amazon. Click here for your copy.

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