Christmas Present Ideas Part Two – Books for Grown-Ups

Christmas is rapidly approaching, but if you are scratching your head over potential presents, why not try one of my novels?

In this second of a two-part series, I take a quick look at what I have written primarily for adults (and in one case, for teenagers and adults).

This year I released The Thistlewood Curse; a gripping, page-turning tale that begins as a whodunit, becomes a supernatural thriller and finally escalates into full blown horror.


Here is the blurb from the back of The Thistlewood Curse:

Lawrence Crane’s powers of astral projection are put to the ultimate test when he and his lifelong friend Detective Laura Buchan investigate a mysterious death on Lundy Island.

Sensing a dark power at work, they attempt to identify a human assassin under the control of supernatural evil.

But can they escape a terrifying, centuries-old curse?

In a similar vein to the above, The Birds Began to Sing is a supernaturally tinged psychological thriller.

The Birds Began to Sing_1600x2400_Front Cover

Here is the blurb from the back of The Birds Began to Sing:

When aspiring novelist Alice Darnell enters a competition to write the ending for an unfinished manuscript by late, world famous author Sasha Hawkins, it appears she might have her big break at last.

However, upon arrival at Sasha’s former home – the sinister Blackwood House – Alice is unsettled by peculiar competition rules, mysterious dreams and inexplicable ghostly visions. She begins to question her sanity as she is drawn into a terrifying web of deceit, revenge and murder.

My most “personal” novel to date, Children of the Folded Valley, is a coming of age memoir mingled with science fiction mystery.

Folded Valley cover

Here is the blurb from the back of Children of the Folded Valley:

During a journey to visit his estranged sister, James Harper recalls his childhood in a mysterious valley cut off from the outside world, where he grew up as part of a cult called the Folded Valley Fellowship.

In this seemingly idyllic world, the charismatic Benjamin Smiley claimed to be protecting his followers from an impending nuclear apocalypse.

But the valley concealed a terrifying secret.

A secret that would change Smiley’s followers forever.

Finally, Love vs Honour represented something of a departure for me, in that it is a teenage romantic drama. But many of the themes present in my other novels – religious oppression, abuse of power and so on – are present and correct here, and this is a much darker tale than it first appears.

LvsHonour 1600 x 2400

Here is the blurb from the back of Love vs Honour:

Two Religions. Two Deceptions. One Love.

When Johnny meets and falls in love with Sabina, their bond proves stronger than a teenage holiday fling.

Fearing the disapproval of their strict Christian and Islamic families, they undertake an elaborate deception to continue seeing one another. Johnny pretends to convert to Islam whilst Sabina pretends to covert to Christianity to appease their parents.

But how long can this deception last before it unravels?

All the above books can be ordered on Kindle or as paperbacks from Amazon here.

(Note to self: I think I might use the word “terrifying” too much in blurbs…)

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