Genre blending

Blending genres can be a fiendishly tricky exercise yet sometimes it can work brilliantly, against the odds, even if conventional wisdom says these genres would mix like oil and water.

The film Colossal is a good recent example of this. It blends indie drama elements with that of the monster movie tin a surprisingly effective way. TV series Twin Peaks is another genre blender, and one that is very difficult to define in conventional terms. The programme contains elements of soap opera, offbeat dark comedy, whodunit detective drama and supernatural horror with an avant-garde surrealism that is continually pulls the rug out from under the viewer in ways that both delight and infuriate.

I have a personal passion for films that start out in one genre, but then evolve into full blown horror. Kill List begins as social realist hitman thriller but becomes Grand Guignol occult horror. Bone Tomahawk is essentially a western that gets gatecrashed by cannibal horror. Most effectively of all, the massively underrated Angel Heart begins as private detective noir but ends in Faustian horror.

My recent novel, The Thistlewood Curse, attempts to emulate this genre evolution, from detective whodunit, to supernatural thriller and then full-on horror, hopefully in a fairly gradual build-up. There are risks of course. It can be difficult to categorise and promote. But ultimately the story is what it is. I hope readers take a risk and give it a go regardless. So far the feedback I have heard has been very positive.


You can download or buy print copies of The Thistlewood Curse from Amazon here.

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