Update on Present Projects

So far, 2017 has been a very productive year for me. I have finished the first draft of The Spectre of Springwell Forest, and am awaiting feedback from a couple of willing guinea pigs, whose critical eyes are passing over said prose. In the meantime, I am working on my second novel of the year, tentatively titled A Statement of Disbelief. That project remains top secret for now, but here are a few more details regarding The Spectre of Springwell Forest.


  1. It’s a ghost story for grown-ups.
  1. Although it is bookended by sequences in the present, most of the story takes place in 1979. Many of my favourite horror films are from the 1970s, so this seems oddly appropriate.
  1. Once again, my home turf is the setting, ie the South-West of England.
  1. The plot involves a sinister painting, a disused railway tunnel, a potentially haunted forest, children who might be possessed, secret government research and suspiciously tight-lipped villagers who are obviously hiding a major secret.
  1. Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black is a key inspiration.
  1. I hope readers find the ending as bone-chilling as I did when I thought of it.
  1. The Spectre of Springwell Forest is my fourth full-on horror story currently awaiting publication, along with The Wormcutter, The Irresistible Summons and The Thistlewood Curse. Or fifth, if you count The Faerie Gate, which is aimed at children.

Speaking of The Thistlewood Curse, I really am hoping to have news on that front soon. Sorry about the delays. With any luck, it will be downloadable sometime in April once I have finalised one or two final details.

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