My writing plans for 2017

2017In 2016 I planned to write two novels and release two novels. I did the former but not the latter for a variety of unfortunate reasons. However, I hope to rectify that in the early months of 2017, by releasing one of the novels I intended to release last year, The Thistlewood Curse.

A detective story that evolves into a supernatural horror thriller, The Thistlewood Curse is a gripping, page-turning tale set almost entirely on Lundy Island. Part of the reason I failed to release it last year was a self-inflicted delay to improve the first act. With that element duly tweaked, I am confident this tale of revenge, murder and astral projection is one of the best things I have written. I can’t wait to unleash it upon an unsuspecting readership.

In 2017 I plan to go full steam ahead on another horror novel, this time a ghostly tale very much in the vein of Susan Hill. I shall say very little at this point except that it involves an abandoned railway tunnel and a sinister painting.

My next novel in 2017 is even more shrouded in secrecy at this point. It has been gestating in my consciousness for about twenty years, but I finally feel the urge to actually push ahead and write the thing. Although a radical departure from anything I have written, being more of a satirical, darkly comic piece, it is very much based on personal experience. I suspect the finished product will be guaranteed to ruffle feathers in certain quarters.

Assuming I manage to write both of the above in 2017, I will move on to a long planned science fiction anthology of four (or possibly five) novellas, each of which are too short for a novel but too long for a short story. One (or possibly two) involves time travel, one virtual reality, another suspended animation and another, spiders. Yes, you read that correctly. Spiders.

On that infuriatingly enigmatic note, I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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