2016 in review

Life didn’t really go to plan in 2016. Perhaps that is a phrase many will use when reviewing the year, and my writing year was no exception.

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of any new book releases this year. I had originally planned two, but for various reasons I will not bore you with, both were delayed. The only thing I can say as a means of reassurance is that both novels in question – The Thistlewood Curse and The Faerie Gate – are still planned as my next releases. The former I hope to release early next year and the latter late next year. I appreciate that “watch this space” is hardly an encouraging phrase given my setbacks on these novels, but I honestly and sincerely do hope to have a proper, concrete announcement, at least on The Thistlewood Curse, very early in the New Year.

To be fair, 2016 wasn’t all bad news, at least from my perspective. I completed two new novels, The Deviant Prophet and The Balliol Conspiracy. The former is a dark, grown-up fairy tale (think Pan’s Labyrinth meets Alice in Wonderland via Coraline and Spirited Away). Thematically, it is something of a companion piece to my most successful novel to date, Children of the Folded Valley.

By contrast, The Balliol Conspiracy is a thriller that draws tonal inspiration from The 39 Steps and North by Northwest.  Due to being a good deal lighter than some of my more recent writing, it represents something of a departure for me. In fact, keeping it light proved a struggle, as my natural tendency is to introduce darker elements which were not appropriate here. Time will tell whether or not I succeeded.

I already have my next three books lined up and will announce those writing plans soon. In the meantime, I wish 2016 good riddance and look forward next year.

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