The Thistlewood Curse delays – and other matters…


Sorry again for the recent lack of writing or book related posts (although I know there have been the usual regular film reviews). I have been somewhat inundated of late. Also, I apologise for the ongoing delays with my new novel The Thistlewood Curse. I do hope to have definitive news on that front very soon.

Beyond The Thistlewood Curse issues, I have finished second and first drafts of the two novels I have written this year, The Deviant Prophet and The Balliol Conspiracy respectively.

The Deviant Prophet is a dark fairy tale for grown-ups (think Pan’s Labyrinth meets Alice in Wonderland via Coraline, Spirited Away and my own novel Children of the Folded Valley). It’s a decidedly surreal, twisted brew and quite honestly I have no idea if it really works or not. Time will tell…

The second, The Balliol Conspiracy, is a much more straightforward affair, albeit quite different to anything I have written thus far. It proved a great challenge to write purely because my instinct to make it disturbing and violent had to be kept firmly in check. I am striving for the tone of classic mystery thrillers like The 39 Steps or North by Northwest, so hopefully suspenseful but light, despite the presence of some slightly darker themes, particularly near the beginning. That said the final piece is definitely PG in tone, unlike The Deviant Prophet. Again I have no idea if it works. I haven’t shown it to anyone yet.

One more thing – keep an eye on this blog for weekly book giveaways. All my novels will get an Amazon FREE Kindle download promotion over the next month, so if you haven’t read any of my novels yet, watch this space! Now is your chance to do so without paying.

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