Film Review – Green Room


Think Assault on Precinct 13 with neo-Nazis and you’ll have the measure of Green Room, writer/director Jeremy Saulnier’s pleasingly taut and nasty horror gem. Upfront warnings for eye-wincing levels of violence and gore are definitely warranted, and there’s plenty of bad language too.

With Aunt Ethel duly warned off, horror fans are in for a treat. Saulnier’s tale of a punk rock band foolishly taking a gig at a skinhead venue, only to find themselves under siege in the eponymous green room once becoming murder witnesses, really does turn the tension screws. There are great moments of suspense followed by explosions of graphic violence.

Performances are all good from the young leads, but Patrick Stewart in particular is supremely entertaining to watch as the neo-Nazi big cheese, oozing dangerous calm but backed by bone-chilling murderous determination. As he and his gang move in for the kill, cat and mouse games ensue, bodies fall think, fast and bloodily, and the genre guessing game of just who will survive proves a great deal of fun – if this is your idea of fun. There is even a soupcon of subversive satire to leaven the grisliness, which I particularly appreciated.

All things considered this isn’t one for the easily offended, but if you’re up for it Green Room is a bracingly tense, thrilling bloodbath of a movie.

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