What have I been up to lately?


Some of you might be wondering when I am releasing my next book, or what I am currently working on. My apologies for the lack of news on that front lately. The problem with writing is it sometimes occupies the mind at the expense of remembering to communicate properly on the blog.

At any rate, besides writing obvious April Fool posts about giant spiders, I have been working on a new novel, tentatively entitled The Deviant Prophet. I have almost finished a second draft. It is a grown-up fantasy tale, tonally akin to something like Pan’s Labyrinth. Other influences I would cite include Coraline, Alice in Wonderland and Spirited Away. It has been a very interesting novel to write, as it functions as a kind of companion piece to Children of the Folded Valley on a thematic level, if not a genre level.

I am about to start work on my second novel for 2016, something that has been gestating in my consciousness for since late 2012. All I will say at this stage is that it is a contemporary thriller for grown-ups, and involves mysterious suitcases, a treasure hunt, a love story, Oxford and Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army.

The next novel I plan to release is still The Thistlewood Curse. Blending elements of detective story, supernatural thriller and horror, this Lundy Island set nail-biter occupies a similar space to my previous novel The Birds Began to Sing, though it is decidedly heavier on the horror aspects. I hope to have release dates and a proper announcement very soon, so watch this space.

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