Annual Brain Recharge


Other writers no doubt have their own rest and recharge routines, but for me, every December I stop writing for the entire month. Why? Because I find that, for some reason, by the time I reach that point in any given year, my levels of inspiration are running dangerously low.

Given that I spend the other eleven months of the year writing one thing or another, this one month recharge period has become a vital part of my writing routine.

That said I do not stop entirely. I still write film reviews, and occasional blog posts, although I try to have written as much as possible in advance, for the month of December. Nor does it mean that ideas do not occur to me. Indeed, I already have a decent outline for a novel I am writing first thing next year, so no doubt the details will be ticking away in the back of my mind during the Christmas period.

However, the fact that I chose not to write means that when I do finally get down to writing the afore-mentioned novel, it will have been brewing nicely for some time. I will feel a lot more inspired to write it having given a months rest and recuperation to the Dillon brain.

So, in two days time, I’m hitting shutdown on all major writing projects and enjoying a much needed mental break. Generally I am pleased with how my writing year has gone, so I think I deserve it.

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