George goes to Neptune – the cover

Here is the cover for my upcoming novel – the third and final instalment in the George Hughes trilogy, George goes to Neptune.

GGTN 1600 x 2400

My incredible designer Charles Bown presented a number of options, but in the end we settled on something in keeping with the previous cover designs, emphasising a colour scheme that complemented them but also could be distinguished in its own right. Ultimately the covers for the George Hughes series are what might be termed “adult covers” for children’s books (akin to the Harry Potter adult covers). One day, I would love to give these books “children’s” covers, perhaps akin to the original Harry Potter artwork. But for now adults are my primary readers, and obviously the George Hughes series can be enjoyed by all ages.

For a fuller interview with Charles Bown from last year, click here.

You can follow Charles on Twitter here.

In addition to the cover, here is the blurb from the back:

In this spectacular sequel to George goes to Mars and George goes to Titan, George Hughes faces his most dangerous adventure yet.

Following the Titanian invasion, a deadly and very personal threat forces George to undertake a voyage to a top secret Martian research base on Neptune.

On this remote outpost, he uncovers a diabolical plot. But George is too late to prevent the catastrophe.

A catastrophe that will change his life forever…

George goes to Neptune is released on the 25th of October on Kindle. It is currently available to pre-order at Amazon here.

Print copies will be available from the 31st of October.

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