Title Trouble

Naming books is a notoriously tricky business. How do you come up with something catchy, appropriate and memorable? Often it can feel harder than writing the novel itself.

I recently finished the second draft of my most recent novel, a supernatural thriller/horror. However, it took me ages to come up with a title. Part of the problem was the genre itself having so many oft-used title words: ghost, haunting, spectre, spirit and so on. I did have one or two very good titles, but they were too spoiler-ish to use. In the end I opted for The Irresistible Summons. At least it has some mystery (ie what is this summons, and why is it irresistible?).


George goes to Mars was a more straightforward title, and obviously leant itself well to sequels (George goes to Titan, and the upcoming George goes to Neptune). However, it has been put to me that these titles don’t do the books justice. Some claim they don’t contain enough mystery or menace, and that they suggest a story aimed at much younger children. In truth there is a lot of mystery and menace in the George Hughes adventures, and they are not aimed at very small children, but rather at the Harry Potter/Alex Rider age range and up. Perhaps one day I will change the titles, although I do rather like the way George goes to Mars rolls off the tongue.

LvsHonour 1600 x 2400

On another note, my recent novel Love vs Honour was originally simply called Honour, but when I discovered there was another novel with that name (which there wasn’t ten years ago when I wrote it), and that a film had also been made of said novel, I changed the title to Love vs Honour, which I think works much better for all kinds of reasons, as will be evident for those who read the book. It can be ordered from Amazon on Kindle (see link below):


Here is the blurb from the back of Love vs Honour:

Two Religions. Two Deceptions. One Love.

When Johnny meets and falls in love with Sabina, their bond proves stronger than a teenage holiday fling.

Fearing the disapproval of their strict Christian and Islamic families, they undertake an elaborate deception to continue seeing one another. Johnny pretends to convert to Islam whilst Sabina pretends to covert to Christianity to appease their parents. 

But how long can this deception last before it unravels?

Print copies of Love vs Honour can also be ordered from Amazon Create Space:


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