Love vs Honour – extract 2

Herewith a second extract from my upcoming novel, Love vs Honour:

Johnny spent the afternoon with Ant, Mark and Joe at Blackpool Sands. He went swimming, cliff diving and took his surf board to the waves, but the experiences were utterly empty. In the past such activities had excited him, but now they seemed like mundane routine. He did his best to laugh and joke with his friends, but even Mark could tell he wasn’t quite himself.

‘What’s the deal with you and that Asian bird?’

‘Her father’s from Iran,’ said Johnny.

‘Yeah, whatever. The point is have you got anywhere with her?’

‘We’re just friends.’

Mark grinned. ‘I’m not stupid.’

Johnny sighed. ‘It doesn’t matter. Nothing will come of it anyway, so what’s the point?’

‘What’s the point? Mate, she’s gagging for you! Strike while the iron is hot. Who cares what happens afterwards? Another day, another bird!’

‘Is that what you think about Amanda? Sabina told me she’s interested in going out with you properly. God knows what she sees in you.’

‘She’s got taste,’ said Mark.

‘Will you go out with her?’ Johnny persisted.

‘Perhaps, if she’s lucky.’

‘I only wish I could go out with Sabina. But her family would kill me.’

‘You should convert to Islam. Then you’ll be well in there.’

At this, Mark went off to buy an ice-cream, but his throwaway remark planted the seed of a crazy idea in Johnny’s mind. He laughed as he thought about it, and realised how desperate he must be feeling to have even considered it. He wondered if he should tell Sabina, but decided not to. She might just be crazy enough to want to try it.

Love vs Honour is released on the 31st May on Kindle, and can be pre-ordered from the link below:

Print copies will be available from the 7th of June.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

Two Religions. Two Deceptions. One Love.

When Johnny meets and falls in love with Sabina, their bond proves stronger than a teenage holiday fling.

Fearing the disapproval of their strict Christian and Islamic families, they undertake an elaborate deception to continue seeing one another. Johnny pretends to convert to Islam whilst Sabina pretends to covert to Christianity to appease their parents. 

But how long can this deception last before it unravels?

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