Movies with Mum

I have written extensively in the past about my happy memories of going to see this or that film with my father – or indeed of the books he introduced me to. So as its Mother’s Day here in the UK, here are five movies that make me think of my mother rather than my father – either because I went to see them with her, or because they are inextricably linked with her in my memory for some other reason.

Annie – Obviously I mean the 1981 film, not the recent supposedly dreadful remake. Actually, I don’t think the original is much cop either, but I do have a certain affection for it for one, simple, sentimental reason: I remember going to see it with my mother.

Robin Hood – Not my favourite Robin Hood (that would be the peerless 1938 Errol Flynn picture) but this animated Disney version is still rather good. I saw it on a re-release at the cinema with my mother and really enjoyed it. Peter Ustinov’s King John is a highlight.

Superman – Again, a treasured memory. Superman remains my all-time favourite comic book movie, and the first time I watched it was on television one Christmas. I distinctly remember Mum passing me chunks of Toblerone whilst we watched, and to this day I associate that kind of chocolate with Superman.

The Remains of the Day – This is a bit of a cheat, as I didn’t see this with my mother initially. But after catching a screening on its original cinema release, I rang her repeatedly, urging her with evangelistic zeal to see it. When she finally did, Mum loved it, as I knew she would. Regular readers of this blog know I have an obsession with this film (and the book it is based on) – for many, many reasons. But above all, the film always makes me think of my mother.

The Godfather – I will never forget sitting down to watch this as a teenager, and for some inexplicable reason my mother, who is usually timid about 18 rated films, decided to watch with me. I inwardly predicted that she would leave during the horse head in a bed scene, but astonishingly she not only watched to the end, but insisted we watch part II as well. Mothers are full of surprises.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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