Happy New Year

2015 New Year celebration

What does 2015 hold? Well, as far as my writing and publishing plans are concerned, quite a bit.

First I am planning to release the third George Hughes adventure, George goes to Neptune, probably in March. The precise date will be confirmed on this blog very soon.

I spent much of last year writing George goes to Neptune, and I think it’s pretty good. Those who enjoyed the previous stories, George goes to Mars and George goes to Titan will definitely enjoy this finale, which brings George’s adventures to a close. It is as action packed as the previous books, but this one is a little bit darker and deeper, with George faced with his greatest challenge yet.

I am 99 percent certain there will be no further instalments in the George Hughes series. I may yet choose to pen a spin-off with different characters set in the same universe, but I make no promises on that score.

What I do promise however, is that I will finally release a novel I have had on my shelf since I wrote it in 2006, entitled Love vs Honour. Like Children of the Folded Valley, this is another story that came frustratingly close to mainstream publication, and I have held on to it for some time as a result – mainly, as with Children of the Folded Valley, out of George McFly style nerves.

Love vs Honour is a complete departure for me: a romantic drama aimed at the Fault in Our Stars young adult market (though not about terminal illness). It resides well outside my comfort zone in terms of subject matter, and could also prove controversial to some readers, for reasons that will be revealed later this year.

Obviously I will also continue to write in 2015, and aim to complete another two novels that I have begun to scribble a few outlines for. The first is a dark fairy tale involving, well, fairies. The second is a supernatural horror thriller more aimed at grown-ups, and all I am prepared to reveal at this point is that it will provide a variation on the haunted house genre to which I am somewhat partial.

Don’t forget you can download or get print copies of all my previous novels – Uncle Flynn, George goes to Mars, George goes to Titan, Dr Gribbles and the Beast of Blackthorn Lodge, Children of the Folded Valley and The Birds Began to Sing. Just click the About the Books tab at the top of this page for more information.

Happy New Year!

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