George goes to Neptune – update

People continue to ask me when the next novel in the George Hughes series will be released. To reiterate, the third – and almost certainly final – instalment in the series will be released early next year. I will announce a precise date in January.

George goes to Neptune follows George goes to Mars and George goes to Titan, rounding off what has become an unexpected trilogy. The first book was originally planned as a standalone piece, but with each sequel I have found new ideas and ways of continuing George’s adventures that people seem to have enjoyed. I hope this third novel proves every bit as exciting.

I still have a few very minor tweaks to make to the manuscript, but the bulk of the work is done and I am looking forward to releasing the finished product.

George goes to Neptune features the return of George, as well as series regulars Meredith and Giles. Most of the supporting characters will also return, though some in larger roles than others. There are also some new characters, but I will remain tight lipped on that subject for now.

As for the plot, that is also very much under wraps at present. However, here’s a brief summary of what I said last time, plus a couple of new titbits. The plot will obviously involve a voyage to Neptune, but the reasons for George’s journey are very different this time. The plot will feature Martians and yes, there will be a new alien race that George and our heroes discover. The tone is perhaps a little darker, especially towards the end of the story. George is going to face his toughest adventure yet – one that involves him confronting not only a deadly enemy but his own darkest fears.

However, rest assured that the book contains just as much action as the previous two, and that if you enjoyed them, I believe you will enjoy this one just as much.

You can catch up with the previous two installments in this series at Amazon, with George goes to Mars available FREE at

George goes to Mars:

George goes to Titan:

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