George goes to Mars now FREE at Amazon

My earlier novel George goes to Mars is now available for Kindle FREE from Amazon.

I have been trying for some time to persuade Amazon to make this novel free, and I have finally succeeded. So please take advantage of this opportunity and download the book now. And if you like it, please do leave a one-liner review (or a longer review if you prefer) on Amazon to say so.

George goes to Mars is a thrilling read for young and old alike. It is the first part of a trilogy that I know has been enjoyed by many others outside of the Amazon readership (reviews are available on other sites selling the book). It was originally intended as a stand-alone adventure (as indeed was the second novel), but this year I have written a third instalment which will be released sometime in early 2015.

To the matter at hand, however. Here’s a brief blurb about the plot to whet your apetite. Enjoy!

When George Hughes discovers he has inherited the planet Mars, he goes from poverty to becoming the richest boy on Earth overnight.

Accompanied by his new guardian, a mysterious secret agent and a crew of astronauts, George voyages to Mars to sell land to celebrities wanting to build interplanetary holiday homes. But sabotage, assassination attempts and the possibility of an alien threat plunge him into a deadly adventure…

UPDATE: I have been informed that is not listing this book free, only I will try and get them to change this as soon as possible.

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