Children of the Folded Valley – initial reviews

My latest novel Children of the Folded Valley has had a number of very positive reviews, including some raves, from those who have read it. Here’s a brief sample from those on Amazon:

“A dystopian treasure! I have lived in this valley for the last few days due to the author’s skill at world-building. I have watched the characters come alive, and have experienced a mind-boggling mystery come to light. This is storytelling! You will be left with wanting more…” – Kathy, Amazon.

“I don’t usually leave reviews but I felt so strongly about encouraging people to read this fantastic book. It had me captured from start to finish. At one stage in the book I actually thought it was a true story.” – Paul Taylor, Amazon.

“Creepy and unnerving… Kept me gripped the whole way through.” – Lucyboo, Amazon.

“Draws the reader from a seemingly normal world into the horrific.” – Olga, Amazon.

“Readers will be gripped by the anguish of a community coming to terms with what is going on behind closed doors…” – Al Gibson, Amazon.

“I can’t put it down.” – Andre Pena, Amazon.

Children of the Folded Valley is currently available FREE from Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, Kobo and various other places in various downloadable formats (including Kindle).

Print copies are available from

Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

During a journey to visit his estranged sister, James Harper recalls his childhood in a mysterious valley cut off from the outside world, where he grew up as part of a cult called the Folded Valley Fellowship.

In this seemingly idyllic world, the charismatic Benjamin Smiley claimed to be protecting his followers from an impending nuclear apocalypse.

But the valley concealed a terrifying secret.

A secret that would change Smiley’s followers forever.

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2 Responses to Children of the Folded Valley – initial reviews

  1. MaryReBlll says:

    I downloaded this book free from Smashwords and have finally got to reading it. Initially I was not sure if this was a book for me, but being a fan of steam engines myself, fell for the descriptive passages and the idea of ‘catching the train’. The shock and horror of a small child having a treasure destroyed, the growing suspicions of everyone and everything was slow but an unstoppable build-up to the sudden understanding of how his world came to be and the underlying truths of the culture. I read every word, drank in the chapters and felt quite bereft when it was over. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to read this for free.

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