Children of the Folded Valley – my first book for grown-ups – released on the 20th of July

Those of you who follow this blog will have noticed occasional references to a novel entitled Children of the Folded Valley that I have dithered over for some time. Well, the dithering is now officially at an end. After much hand-wringing, rewriting, beta-testing, chickening out and even a near miss with a proper publisher, Children of the Folded Valley is finally going to be released.

The afore-mentioned dithering has mainly been because for me this novel represents a major step into a discomfort zone in terms of audience, writing style and subject matter. It is the first book I have released with a more grown-up readership in mind. It is also the first novel I have written as a first person narrative. The subject matter is a little outside of what I would normally write about too. Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

During a journey to visit his estranged sister, James Harper recalls his childhood in a mysterious valley cut off from the outside world, where he grew up as part of a cult called the Folded Valley Fellowship.

In this seemingly idyllic world, the charismatic Benjamin Smiley claimed to be protecting his followers from an impending nuclear apocalypse.

But the valley concealed a terrifying secret.

A secret that would change Smiley’s followers forever.

I would describe the book as a coming-of-age story with a light science fiction backdrop. Another novel with a light science fiction backdrop is Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, which should give you an idea of what I mean by that expression. If science fiction is not your thing, please don’t be put off Children of the Folded Valley. This is not a book about lasers and aliens, and the science fiction elements are largely peripheral.

Children of the Folded Valley will be released in various digital versions on the 20th July.

Print copies will be available from the 27th July.

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