George Hughes will return…


By now, anyone who has read George goes to Titan will know there is a third book in the George Hughes series on the way.

I can now officially announce the title: George goes to Neptune.

Work is in the very early stages. So far all I have written is a two page plot outline. But I do have a very strong idea and direction for the third novel – something rather different to what has happened previously.

There is a tiny hint of what is to come in George goes to Neptune in the first book of the series, George goes to Mars. It’s a piece of incidental information which foreshadows an extremely important development.

Obviously I’m not going to reveal what it is, so perhaps its better if I say what George goes to Neptune will not contain. In this book there will be no more parallel universes or time travel. When I wrote George goes to Titan, I wondered why no-one had ever attempted to combine both ideas. Several drafts, headaches and confusing diagrams of the space-time continuum later, I now know. Whatever else it may become, George goes to Neptune will be a linear narrative set in one plane of reality.

That said certain individuals from the parallel universe may crop up. In fact, most of the regular characters will return. However Zargok and the Titanians will not be back. There will be an entirely new main villain in the next story – an utterly ruthless adversary that will place George in an extremely difficult and dangerous situation.

As you have probably gathered from the title, a good portion of the novel takes place on the planet Neptune.

And that is all I am prepared to reveal at this stage…

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