George goes to Titan excerpts

GGTT cover

Here are a couple of brief excerpts from George goes to Titan, the soon to be released sequel to George goes to Mars.

The first excerpt takes place in Chapter 2, after George is reunited with the mysterious Giles:

‘So what’s the big emergency?’ asked George.

‘Best if you see it,’ said Giles.

‘How serious is it?’


‘How very? My-life-is-in-danger very, or end-of-the-world very?’


George could see Giles wasn’t joking. But he wasn’t going to just let him re-enter his life this way, not without some proper explanation about where he had been.

‘Giles, you have to tell me where you’ve been all this time.’

‘No, I don’t.’

‘Can’t you at least say who you’re working for?’

Giles sighed. ‘Most I can say is they are a benevolent interested party.’

‘Come on Giles! It’s me! You never used to be this uptight!’

Giles forced a smile. ‘Nice to see you too George.’

‘But you wish the circumstances of our reunion were different.’

Giles shrugged. ‘Unlikely we’d have been reunited at all if the circumstances were different.’

The second excerpt takes place in Chapter 3:

The mists began to clear, and on the far side of the rocky peak, a valley was revealed. Inside the valley, about half a mile away, stood a tall black tower. It was obviously not a natural formation.

George gasped. The other members of the survey expedition also exclaimed incredulously at what they were seeing.

‘What the hell is it?’

‘I thought the scanners picked up no life forms?’

‘They didn’t!’

Hodges took a small electronic device from her belt that George immediately recognised as a small scanner. She activated the mechanism, pointing it in the direction of the black tower, and shook her head.

‘It isn’t registering any life. Whoever or whatever built that tower is long gone.’

The survey team fell silent for a moment, staring in amazement as they took in the magnitude of their discovery. Eventually Meredith spoke again.

‘Told you there were aliens!’

George goes to Titan will be released for digital download in various formats on Monday the 2nd of September.

Print copies will be available from Monday the 9th September.

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