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What time do you write?

People often ask me how I have time to write given that I have a family, full-time job, etc. My response is always the same: people make time for what they want to do, regardless of what it is, or … Continue reading

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Film Review – Man of Steel

As Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel begins, there is no blast of John Williams’ legendary, iconic theme to precede events on Krypton. Even in a reboot that’s obviously different to the 1978 Richard Donner version, this just feels wrong. Almost … Continue reading

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Story vs Message

A pet hate of mine is being preached at in a story, whether in a film, TV programme or a book. Most authors hold strong views about one subject or another, and invariably write stories about issues that are important … Continue reading

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Film Review – A Hijacking

Fans of Danish TV series The Killing and Borgen will recognise a few faces in A Hijacking, director Tobias Lindholm’s follow-up to The Hunt. The plot concerns a merchant vessel en route to Chennai that gets boarded by Somali pirates. … Continue reading

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Editing: Hunting down my bad writing habits

After the inspiration, research, character biographies, plot and chapter outlines – not to mention the actual writing of the novel – there comes a stage in the writing process that I always dread: the edit. Editing differs from rewriting in … Continue reading

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