George goes to Mars initial reviews


The first reviews of George goes to Mars are starting to trickle through from readers. Here’s a sample.

From the target audience:

“There were so many moments were you would just want to hop right out of your seat and read it standing up it was so good. My favorite part was when George almost went into the “Hot Wire Drip” and was saved by the Martian Sisterhood or whatever it was called. I would recommend this book for anyone in the 6th grade or higher, but if I could I would say this book is for anyone that is looking for some excitement in their lives. I’m 13 years old and I approve of this book.”

Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

From someone outside the target audience (though the book can be enjoyed by all ages):

“I am of the wrong age group but enjoyed it anyway. Would be happy to have my nephews read this story. Full of action and ethical arguments. It is a book with heart.”

BJ Price, Smashwords

I also really like this “bad” review I came across:

“Reading like a cross between one of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ pulpy Mars adventures and a Robert Heinlein ‘juvenile’, this improbable yarn (just how many “saved in the nick of time” coincidences can one novel contain?) about a rags-to-riches-to-hero boy named George was nonetheless page-turningly entertaining. Perfect rainy day/sick day reading.”

Elizabeth Olson, Goodreads

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