George goes to Mars inspiration


About ten years ago, I came across a news article about a man who had made a claim with the US Land Registry to the effect that if the moon was ever colonised, that he would be allowed to sell the land.

Surprisingly, a number of people have subsequently bought parts of the moon to build their potential lunar holiday homes on – including film stars, former US Presidents, and other rich eccentrics.

It was this bizarre story that sparked the premise for George goes to Mars. In addition, I wanted to write a really fun science fiction adventure for children which tapped into every child’s fantasy of owning their own spacecraft, having their own crew to go exploring other planets with, and so forth.

There is something of a gap in the market regarding children’s science fiction. Most of it is very highbrow and serious (Asimov, Herbert and so on). I wanted to write something for the Harry Potter/Alex Rider age group that would do for the sci-fi genre what the Potter/Rider books do for the fantasy and spy thriller genres respectively.

Roald Dahl’s novels like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were also an inspiration for the early stages of the story, where a hero is plucked from absurd levels of poverty and placed at the centre of an amazing adventure.

Now it’s over to you to see if you think I succeeded or not.

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